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Located in the posh San Rafael, Ibiza,Spain, Amnesia is about great show and crazy party atmosphere. This region is popular for its nightlife and always tops the list of serious revelers. If you visit Ibiza, it’s imperative to take a look into the nightclubs that people throng to in large numbers. There’s always ecstasy in air and Amnesia draws most of the clubbers because of the hype about it.

Visit their website online to purchase entry tickets or just grab early discount wristbands to get inside. Make sure you’re in the right queue to enter in the venue. Once you’re in discover the sprawling interior of Amnesia that beckons your party self! The dance floor is so huge and absolutely electrifying. There are huge sound systems that bring the whole house down. It’s the best sound system that revelers simply cannot have enough of. The truth is that you will find it extremely infectious to keep dancing through the night all because of the excellent DJs that create some amazing beats for you to continue grooving.

In fact, the lighting inside is reason enough for you to get hooked. The combined effect of great lighting and fantastic sound ensures you get the best night outs ever. It is better to get on to some invitees guest list to avail the benefits of partying in the VIP lounge area. Also, there are no queues that you need to take that simply makes it even more worth a try. You will be greeted by a crowded dance floor most days of the week. It’s also quite common to find PR's of other clubs in the vicinity trying to lure party goers with their free pass entry and drinks. But,beware as these benefits are available only till midnight and then they start charging you. Thus do not be fooled by these offers!

Get to enjoy from a wide range of performances – La Troya, Espuma Night, Paul Van Dyk, and lots more. The galore of fun events ensures that travellers from all parts of the world visit this space to enjoy more such benefits. The incredible party atmosphere, beautiful scenic views, and mind boggling artists get you to keep coming back to the nightclub. An interesting aspect about Amnesia is that the nightclub is one of the pioneers in music culture and live bands. Once a regular place for performing enthusiasts to gather, smoke and make merry in the 70s gradually gave way to the inception of Amnesia in 1976. Deriving its name from the Greek name that represents The Workshop of Forgetfulness – the history of Amnesia is as mesmerizing as the place!

Did you know? The popular ‘Saturday Night Fever’ got its first release in Amnesia in summer 1978! Since then Amnesia has given great competition to other nightclubs in the region. In fact,discotheques in Ibiza gave rise to the new concept of open air parties. There are waiters, security, go-go dancers, and the office staff that make Amnesia how it is now. The place has been visited by a host of celebrities like Bono,Naomi Campbell, George Michael, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Paris Hilton, among others. The who’s who of the VIP clubbing zone have had models,actors, performers, Moghuls, kings, businessmen, and more visiting the space for fun and merry making.

Awarded with the Best Global Club by the prestigious IDMA awards in Miami escalated its recognition globally. Amnesia has won the prize thrice and continues to get featured over the years among the top league of Top 100 International Clubs. “Cocoon” nights on Mondays,“Together” on Tuesday, “La Troya” on Wednesday, Thursday’s “Cream”, “The new Cocoon” on Friday, Saturday’s “Matinee”, and “Amnesia presents….” on Sundays brings the showdown of the brilliant finale of weekly programs at the nightspot.

Address: Amnesia Nightclub, San Antonio Road Km. 5, San Rafael, Ibiza, Spain, 07816

Timings: 10:30 PM till06:00 AM.

Free buses are available from San Antonio and Ibiza town.

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